Thursday, January 03, 2013

First Day Back

I got back to D.C. yesterday evening after 2 and 1/2 weeks at home in North Carolina. (Which I'll be blogging about plenty in the weeks to come.) Today was my first day back in the office since the middle of December. I'm tired but need to get back into blogging so here are some random bits about my first day back:
  1. Nearly died when my alarm went off. Yes, DIED.
  2. Was not only ON TIME to work for, like, the first time in a year, but I was EARLY. 
  3. But I forgot my non-commuting shoes. 
  4. And my lunch.
  5. So I bought black boots at Ross for $16.99 and then, going back up to office, FELL very loudly up the stairs and 4 people came out of their offices to see if I was ok.
  6. My right knee is now a bruise. 
  7. When I went to get lunch at the sandwich place that knows me only as "primo ham and cheese, sub roll," I walked in and saw 2 of my coworkers. 
  8. Said coworkers told the owner it was my birthday and she gave me a free cookie.
  9. Ran a few errands at mall--which means I bought things--and while at American Eagle got "ma'amed."
  10. But then I got 15% off since it's my birthday month so it was worth the "ma'am." (And the comfy slippers I bought.)
  11. Decided that given how busy this year is going to be, I need to go back to using a paper planner, and found a Moleskine one on sale at Papyrus for $4.73! YES, that is correct.
  12. I bought 4 pairs of tights at 2 different stores for $40. (All but one pair will go back.) And at Nordstrom there was ONE pair of tights for $40. I can't even.

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