Monday, February 11, 2013

Nothing vs. Anything

I was in a seriously crummy mood for no discernible reason on Thursday. As in, I wanted to murder everyone. And not for very good reasons so it wouldn't have even been justifiable homicide.

I knew I needed to change my attitude so about halfway through the day I stopped working for a about a half hour and tried to just be happy. I wrote personal emails, chatted with a few friends, and read some blogs. I focused on things that make me happy and forgot about all the other crap for a little while.

Part of this happy-making was deciding on a craft to do when I got home as the promise and potential of a creative endeavor always makes me smile. And it did. So I printed off a words to use as a template, picked up some poster board on the way home, set up a light table using my dining room table, gathered some markers, and got to work.

This was my inspiration and this is my creation:

As you can imagine, no, I regret nothing about this mood-enhancing endeavor. (Except for maybe the distracting reflection of moi. And also maybe the too much white space between lines.)

Oh, except, I may regret putting nien instead of rien. Brandie pointed out this weekend that she thought "nein" was German, and after I thought about it, I realized how similar my r's and n's look when I write them. So I consulted the original source and, yep, it should be rien.

So after testing some white paints and settling on a white nail polish, here it is. No, I don't regret anything.

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