Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Left Coast: Celebrity Sightings

It has been quiet on the blog for a good reason: I was in Los Angeles!

I went to visit one of my besties*, Jan. This is my third visit to see her in California and my second to LA. (We met in San Francisco one of those times.)

Work is madness, of course, so I haven't had time to download my pictures and compose my thoughts. But since one of the first things people usually ask is, "Did you see anyone famous?," I thought I'd start with that.

If you'll recall the last time I went to L.A., I saw 4 famous people on the Paramount lot. This time I saw 2.5 famous people. Let me explain.

Celebrity .5
When I was at the studio lot where Jan works, in line at Starbucks, this tall, blonde, attractive man got in line. He was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, inside, in the 80 degree weather. He also had an Australian accent and a wedding ring. So I decided he was one of the Hemsworth brothers. Jan doubts it because she says no one that famous is ever at their lot, but she agrees it might have been someone.

Celebrity 1
We drove up to the lovely town of Santa Barbara on Monday. While we were vintage shopping at this great store, I looked up and saw a beautiful blonde girl. I looked closer and saw that she is an actress on "Pretty Little Liars." I think you all now how much I love this crazy show. She was with who I presume to be her boyfriend and parents, and one of them said her name, so it was confirmed. I didn't say anything to her but I think the parents and BF heard me freak out at one point. Which is embarrassing, but it could have been way worse. Like read my open letter to her worse.

Celebrity 2
I was at LAX for my flight out bright and early on Tuesday morning. I was on the sidewalk at the terminal, walking to my entrance, when I saw a very energetic man get out of a towncar. It was Richard Simmons in a Carolina blue sweatsuit. He was acting entirely too peppy for 6:30 in the morning and looking almost freakishly good for his age.

And those are my 2.5 celebrity sightings for this trip. More from the Left Coast...eventually.

*I'm not usually a fan of abbreviating words like a teenager, but after they used the word on Big Bang Theory, Jan started using it for us and now I love it.

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