Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Soapbox

I was going to rant about politicians and the press, but instead, I read this article and decided it was a much better and happy soapbox to jump on.

Arkansas player ends game with noble gesture

In a high school football game in Arkansas between Cave City and Yelleville-Summit, Cave City was up 34-18 against the small school whose heart just wasn't in the game. Yelleville lost one player in a car crash the week before and had four more players seriously injured. Cave City's Thamail Morgan, about to score again, stopped at the 2 yard line, backed up to the five, and took the knee.

"Before the game, we as a team, talked about being classy," he said. "We did not want to come out in a game like this and not show any class."

The article also mentions how Morgan is new to Cave City after trasnferring from his prior school because of an unnamed disciplinary action. CC's coach said he could play if he agreed to certain terms -- extra workouts, good performance in school, meeting with a church counselor -- and so far he's been practically perfect.

This story just made my day. I will stop watching games where teams are embarrasingly ahead of their opponents. The class that this kid -- and his entire team -- showed is inspiring and I hope he ends up with a scholarship he rightly deserves.

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