Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I think I need a sunrise; I'm tired of the sunset." (Boston, Augustana)

I have had nothing to say for the past few weeks. Absolutely nothing. I couldn't even muster up enough indignation for a soapbox post on Friday. If that doesn't prove how dull I've been lately, nothing will. (Don't get me wrong, plenty to get worked up about, just not enough to justify putting into the written word.) I am in desperate need of sleep but so far still quite alert so thus I present what I'll call Tuesday Three, since I like alliteration.

  1. Vegas pictures finally posted to my Flickr.
    If you care for me at all, you'll select the Vegas collection in the right sidebar, and then go through the neatly-organized sets. Yes, this makes me "rigid and unbending," in the words of my mother, but it also makes for a far more enjoyable picture-viewing experience for you.
  2. Today is the official first day of Fall! For some reason, I am really excited about it this year. It's odd because most years in North Carolina if you blink you'll miss it, since we tend to go from hot hot hot to cold cold cold with barely a glance at anything in between. And while I feel this Summer was far more mild than what I'm used to, I'm still ready for the change. Sweaters, boots, and fuzzy socks; new TV season; college and pro football; leaves changing and falling...it should be good!
  3. I think I need to add creepy to my over-used word list. Random, yes, but having to do with what I was going to make my soapbox post but decided against. Just something on the mind lately. Already on the list are words that happen to put me in the running to be a Valley Girl: so, totally, and dude.
With the brother coming up this weekend and U2 next weekend I should have far more exciting things to write about, relatively speaking, in the future.

Gourds, Portobello Road, London, October 2006

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  1. I miss fall so much! and pumpkins. i'm getting tired of my capris and skirts.. looks like you had fun in vegas too :)



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