Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day in a D.C. Life

Like most of the country, spring/summer has come a bit early to D.C. On one such recent perfect day I took the opportunity to enjoy the weather and play tourist.

A pretty dogwood tree in full bloom and my pre-lunch snack of a red velvet cupcake.

Sitting in front of the Newseum to eat my cupcake and looking up at the First Amendment carved on the outside.

The primary reason for this visit to the Newseum: to check out the new "Every Four Years" exhibit, covering the press and presidential elections.

Costumes from "Saturday Night Live"! The suits Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wore as Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton, as well as the snowsuit Jason Sudeikis wore as Todd Palin and the moose costume worn by someone.

Paraphernalia from my two favorite news shows: Props and press passes from "The Daily Show" on the left and a debate script -- with his notes! -- from Anderson Cooper 360 on the right.

Tim Russert's infamous "Florida!" marker board from the 2000 debacle.

After the Newseum it was time for lunch.

Teasim used to be a favorite of mine, but since they took the meatball bento box off the menu, I've struggled to find something I like. This udon shrimp soup was only ok.

Next up: American History Museum

I was fascinated by these old firefighters helmet. They look so regal!

Daniel Radcliffe's robe from the first "Harry Potter" and Nastia Liukin's leotard from the 2008 Olympics and a torch from the 1984 Olympics.

A full-size house taken from Massachusetts. I've always skipped this exhibit for some reason but it covers the history of five families that lived in one house over the course of 200 years. Fascinating.

The Jefferson Bible.The bibles on the left are ones he cut verses out of, and the one on the right is what he pieced together to form "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth." Jefferson is my all-time favorite Founding Father so this was just awesome to see.

Exhibit on the slaves of Monticello, which documented the families that spent generations working the plantation. Also just fascinating.

After relaxing in front of the Museum for a few minutes, basking in the beautiful day, I decided to swing by the National Archives to see what special exhibits they had.

Looking up at the Archives while waiting to go in. Stunning sky.

After that I walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to the metro.

I was struck by post after post of the D.C. flag, American flag, and British flag, in honor of the U.K.'s Prime Minister David Cameron visiting this week. I may or may not have skipped a bit as I rejoiced in three of my favorite flags hanging side by side by side.

Finally my day concluded with a trip to Foggy Bottom.

Thanks to wine night at the restaurant Circa, my friend Lauren and I were able to enjoy a Prosecco-filled Happy Hour on their patio in the 70 degree weather. Perfection.

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