Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge, take three

As I did in August and November, I'm linking up with Bower Power and Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge.

I've been a nail polish addict since middle and high school, throughout which my nails never went unpainted. During that time, my insane collection lived in a rolling cart that was probably 8 inches wide, 3 feet high, and 2 feet deep. I downsized for the college and post-college years, though my collection has started to grow again thanks to a slight obsession with Essie. Then these two projects caught my eye and inspired me to put my collection on display:

After casually looking for old spice racks in thrift stores and discount stores for a couple of months, I finally just turned to Ebay around January and bought one. No before picture so here is the in-process sanding shot:

After a coat of wood primer, three coats of black paint, and some stapling of shelf paper, this was the end result:

(It's a coincidence that the shelf paper I already had is so similar to the pinned versions.)

Doing its job:

(And yes, there are two rows of Essie polish on the top shelf, plus another row of mini Essie balancing on top. It's an addiction, people!)

The little drawer holds my nail files, orange sticks, and a few other accessories:

Unfortunately, my inability to do math hurt me yet again as I underestimated the measurements and it wasn't quite as big as I was expecting. So I added these little buckets (3 for $1 at Target) to hold the rest of my polishes, because yes, there are more.

Now, the crazy thing is, that as I type, my nails are bare for the first time in months. Time to buy a new bottle! (Probably kidding.)

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  1. Bonnie, I absolutely adore this! It's so cute and so you! -Lauren



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