Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

One of my favorite blogs, perhaps my absolute most favorite, is Young House Love. Mom and I are obsessed to the point that we will mention them in conversation like we know them. (I.e., "Ooh, John and Sherry would love this lamp.") Their blog is where I first learned about the visual bookmarking site Pinterest. It's easy to use and makes keeping track of inspiration a breeze. Now comes the Pinterest Challenge, which was their idea to stop just bookmarking inspiration and actually start doing.

I've already made and blogged about several things I "pinned," including chicken taquitos and a jersey necklace and bracelet. Another necklace I pinned was this one from Love Maegan, also a favorite blog. (I made another of her necklaces here.)

This is my version. (Which was briefly blogged about before but that picture was taken before it was completely finished.)

Mine was made using two multi-strand necklaces from Forever 21. (One and two.)

I just shortened some strands and doubled others, and then arranged and attached until I was happy. The large clasp made all the strands easy to keep track of and move around.

And here it is in action in San Francisco after dinner at Bourbon Steakhouse. (Picture taken using my iPhone in a mirror-lined hall, so it's not the most clear.)

And a blurry close up.

It's heavy and a bit dramatic for everyday wear, but that probably won't stop me. And I sort of want to make another one or five, just because.

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