Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things That Happen

These are some things that happen that may or may not make me a terrible grown up.

To see if a shirt is see through, I go around to the different windows in my apartment holding a mirror in natural light to check.
Related: If I'm just running an errand, sometimes I don't care if it's a little see through.

To avoid going to the grocery store, I will walk to a restaurant almost at the grocery store to buy dinner.
Related: I won't make a grocery list but will make a Sephora list.

Instead of hanging up clean clothes after wearing or trying them on, I pile them on the bed to hang them up, and then move them from bed to floor and back for days on end.
Related: Since I wear skirts every other day in the summer, instead of hanging and rehanging, I've been keeping them in a pile by the bed.

Deciding at 9 a.m. that I'm going to have champagne and a cupcake for dinner and being really excited about that choice.
Related: Worrying that outsiders don't understand that I love my life and the choices I've made and that even though it's never pefect, it's where I want to be. And that champagne and a cupcake for dinner is fucking awesome.

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