Friday, August 05, 2011

Fountain Friday

Vaillancourt Fountain
San Francisco, California

This modern and unique fountain was located near the Embarcadero. As much as I loved SF, there were not many fountains, at least in the areas we visited. But this one was large, loud, and perfect for its location in a big open-air area. This is a good example of what I call an "inviting fountain," meaning it's possible to get closer to it than you can most other fountains. It had paths both above and behind so you could be "in" the fountain without getting wet. (Though more than likely you'd still get wet.) It was cold and just at the start of our day so I didn't get too close, but I appreciated the option.

*Have to upload all my SF pictures to Flickr and then I'll start blogging about the trip. This week has been crazy.

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