Friday, March 30, 2012

100 Secrets: 100-91

Confession: This isn't my first blog. Gasp! I started my first blog my junior year of college using LiveJournal. I blogged fairly consistently for the last two years of college and then in the period between returning from London and moving to D.C. I made all the entries private years ago -- not that 20-23 year old Bonnie posted anything too private or profound -- and haven't thought about it in months.

But recently I came across a document on my computer titled "blogsecrets". Then it started coming back to me and after several failed login attempts, I finally remembered my username and password and logged on to the site. Hello, time warp. Posts about packing for D.C., my last trip to San Antonio, thoughts on graduation, stressing about finals, stressing about homework, and just general stressing. And then there they were, the posts where I decided to reveal "secrets" about myself and my life.

I started the series in January 2005, when I was 21, had never had a drink, never been out of the country, never rushed Franklin Street. The last time I posted secrets was July 2007, post-graduation, post-London, and pre-D.C. I made it from 100-22 and that's it. Looking through them now, the vast majority are no longer true because I could name at least five people who know that particular bit about me. And the rest either no longer apply or just seem silly.

Thus I thought it would be fun to start almost from scratch and reveal 100 new or recycled "secrets" about myself, with the same caveat I used seven years ago:
I don't know if I actually have 100 secrets, but we shall see. And I really shouldn't use the word "secret" because I'm sure some of them plenty of people know about. Disclosures? Personality quirks? Revelations? I'll just stick with secrets for now.

  1. I have a strong disgust for candy, gum, and food wrappers after their contents have been discarded.
  2. In pre-school I was terrified of a little boy who always threatened to flush me down the toilet.
  3. I have about a dozen short stories and novels I’ve never finished.
  4. I can’t wink.
  5. Up until I was 18 or 19 years old, I used to have nightmares nearly every night.
  6. And I'd wake up my little brother in the middle of the night to have him sleep on my floor.
  7. I hate the smell, taste, feel, and look of milk.
  8. I can’t have posters or pictures on my wall with people in them staring because it feels like they are looking at me.
  9. I wish I could dance ballet.
  10. And play the piano.

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