Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

Sangria really is my kryptonite.
Technically, I learned this many years ago. But I re-learn it in each time I have sangria. Usually it makes me Talky McTalkerson, but Friday it made me Sleepy McSleeperson and I took a long nap when I got home. But I just can't resist those alcohol-soaked fruit bits.
I should have started painting pottery years ago.  
Even though I'm terribly indecisive and not artistic, it was still a lot of fun -- and worth the 90 minute wait -- to paint some pottery with the roomie. She did a door tile for her new niece and I did a flower pot. (I'll post more pictures once we get the pieces back.) 

Ice T and Coco are the cutest couple ever. 
And she's surprisingly old-fashioned, leading me to believe I shouldn't stereotype.

A travel coffee mug can serve as a cocktail shaker in a pinch.  
The roomie came across some liquor of unknown origin and date when putting our kitchen back together. While she cleaned, I ran out and picked us up some fruit punch to mix with the pineapple rum. We are not liquor drinkers and had to do some serious improvising. This included making crushed ice using a plastic bag of ice and a rolling pin; a shot glass given to me by my brother and never previously used for liquor; and a travel coffee mug turned cocktail shaker and strainer. The result was a surprisingly good and drinkable liquored drink.

Midnite on a Saturday is a good time to do laundry.
I got a second wind around 11 and this included washing all the sheets we used to cover our kitchen stuff. I just hope the people in the apartments beside our laundry room don't hate me.

It is possible to sob at a Saturday Night Live sketch.
 Kristen Wiig’s farewell dance and song really got to me. And I wasn’t even a huge fan of hers on the show. I played the clip on Hulu in the background all day so I could hear Arcade Fire’s covers. So beautiful. 

Brunch with girlfriends is a great start to a Lazy Sunday (2).
I had a late brunch/early lunch with the ladies at Lauriol Plaza. We hadn’t been in a year, which is a shame as they have some of the best Mexican food and margaritas in the city. And it was even more appropriate given the Lazy Sunday 2 ode to brunch that aired the night before.

French toast and margaritas go surprisingly well together.
Yes, I ordered French toast at a Mexican restaurant. I couldn’t resist!

Drinking margaritas at 1 leads to a 2-hour nap at 4.
And being wide awake at 12.

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