Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I WILL Blog About...One Day

Lately, work is consuming all my writing ability and creative energy. All the things I want to write about here, for me, turn to jello in my brain and then my fingertips as soon as I get home and touch my laptop. Instead, I find myself watching stupid You Tube videos or going through pages and pages of stupid blogs, just to unwind.

And just now, as I sat on my couch on my work from home day, fighting off a panic attack because I don't see how my current project is ever going to be completed, I glanced at my work notepad to see a list of blog posts to write. I must have written the list yesterday during a break.

I don't usually like any sort of to-do list public because I don't want the public holding me accountable. I've always put plenty of pressure on myself and I think inviting others to do the same might kill me. But, I'm posting this anyway. If for no other reason than I can throw out that sheet from my notepad so no one asks me why "lettuce" and "secrets" are on the same list.
  • Cape Party
  • National Cathedral Flower Mart
  • Mother's Day
  • Stuff I found while cleaning out my room at home
  • The Asian lettuce bundles I made 3ish months ago
  • More secrets
  • More fountains
  • Thoughts on "crazy" women
  • Why I think "Sabotage" could be an appropriate wedding song
  • My new laptop
  • Colored jeans?
  • A quote from last week's "Girls" I really like
  • Comfort shopping
  • Phobias

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