Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Words

Josh: What were you guys talking about?

Pres. Bartlett: We were talking about these women.

Leo: We can't get over these women.

Bartlett: C.J.'s like a '50s movie star. So capable, so loving, and energetic.

Leo: Look at Mandy over there. Going punch for punch with Toby in a world that tells women to sit down and shut up. Mandy's already won her battle with the President. The game's over. But she's not done. She wants Toby.

Bartlett: Mrs. Landingham. Did you guys know she lost two sons in Vietnam? What would make her want to serve her country is beyond me. But in 14 years she's not missed a day's work, not one.
-The West Wing, The Crackpots and These Women

I watch the first season of "The West Wing" over and over again. I know every story line, every memorable line, and it never gets old. There are many, many great lines, but this one just fills me with joy each time. For the three most powerful people in that White House to be speaking about "these women" with such admiration and reverence, it's just great.

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