Friday, August 21, 2009

F*** Technology

(I have no idea why I censored myself there, I clearly have no qualms with swearing seeing as how I routinely do so in front of children, churches, and old ladies.)

I have three posts in drafts that I can't finish because my personal laptop has yet another virus and the photos and notes I need to finish are on my dear, sick, Francisco.

So that means the count for this year is one real virus, one fake virus, one dropped and therefore broken external hard drive, two erasures of music on my iPod, multiple lost flash drives that have since been found...on top of last year's three cell phones and a rain-damaged digital camera...on top of college's five to six replaced hard drives, one replaced motherboard, and a replaced screen -- all on the same laptop...on top of three broken printers in five years.

And the sick part is I am an incredbily reponsible person. All of these items have a myriad of padded cases and permanent locations in my room. It all just reinforces my belief that I don't have good luck, I don't have bad luck, I just don't have any luck period.

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