Saturday, August 08, 2009

Party like a...

Last Thursday I saw Barack Stars, a show currently playing in DC and performed by Chicago's Second City comedy troupe. The show satirizes the current administration and other hot political topics. I was holding out since I've seen so many shows lately but I broke down, as I knew I would. (And a segment done by BBC America news last week really cemented me shelling out for the ticket before I got paid. I knew I'd done the right thing when a line from the show referred to the "BBC as the best news in the USA." It was a sign!)

I love smart political satire and you can't go wrong with features such as a:
  • Duet between Ann Coulter and a Rush Limbaugh
  • Dirty Dancing re-enactment
  • "Teeny, tiny, terrifying" chief of staff threatening to eat Sarah Palin's glasses
  • Song with the refrain of "Glenn Beck is fucking insane"
  • Skit featuring a change in military policy from "don't ask, don't tell" to "don't leave!" as a result of a desperate need for troops
And many, many more topical skits and jokes that will all (maybe) have changed by the time they come back to perform again next summer, when I am sure I will see it again.

(Note: The graphic isn't from the show, just what came up when I googled trying to find the BBC link. It made me laugh.)

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  1. So you it met your expectations? I've heard mixed reviews so I haven't tried too hard to catch it.



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