Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Nobody ever gets over being a Tar Heel." (Bill Currie)

On Sunday, as a roundabout stop "on the way" to the airport, Mom and I stopped in Chapel Hill. I haven't been back since November and my heart was aching for it.

First we stopped in every Carolina store on Franklin in my quest for a new hoodie and water bottle. We grabbed a few other things too, of course, though I am proud to say I did not buy another t-shirt, as I realized my UNC t-shirt collection is out of control. (And I tend to rotate my favorites and only wear about five or so regularly anyway.)

We made a pit stop at Franklin Street Pizza and Pasta for some garlic knots.

We were in the last store when it started pouring. Mom decided to drive around campus to Student Stores while I trod the puddle-laden bricks for the thousandth time. And despite the fact that I have piles of campus pictures already, I still managed to take 60 more.
Eve Carson memorial bench:

The sky cleared a bit as we went to leave. First, a quick stop at the Bell Tower, as I realized that while I have pictures of me inside it and leaning out a window at the top, I don't have a picture in front of it.

And most fittingly, as we prepared to leave campus and head for A Southern Season, a quick pass by the Dean Dome, with Carolina blue skies all around.

As we were driving away Mom said it just makes her sick to have to leave. She doesn't have to tell me. Sometimes I still miss it so much my heart aches and I can't catch my breath. What can I say? At this point it's beyond a love or obsession, it's a way of life.

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  1. My only time visiting the UNC, I just stuck around the Dean Dome for the game- I didn't get a chance to see how beautiful the rest of the campus was.



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