Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"With enough courage, you can do without a reputation." (Rhett Butler, GWTW)

I have started and stopped about a dozen posts in the last week. I think I have a severe combination of writer's block, lack of interesting life-itis, and lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer syndrome.

I did very little this past weekend which was very nice. Friday night I took advantage of the crappy weather and settled in to watch DVRed Gone with the Wind. The older I get the more I love this movie. I like the intricacies of the setting and the history and the characters and their motivations. Nothing should be taken at face value and it's far more complicated than it may seem. (Random, but my current favorite line is what I also would name a band if I had one. From the line Scarlett utters upon returning to Tara and discovering the Union army had used the home as a base: "Yankees...in Tara!" I don't know, it's just the way she says it I love.)

Saturday I hung around the apartment and read and watched TV. Sunday I went to the movies to see The Hangover. I thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed until my abs hurt. I have no tolerance for lowbrow or toilet humor, so was pleasantly surprised that it relied more on utterly ridiculous and hilarious situations. A tiger? A random baby? Mike Tyson? That's just good clean fun. (And seeing as how I will be in Vegas in a month, I may have taken notes.)

The only semi-big news of the week was that the roomie and I renewed our lease for another year. This is actually big news for me because since I left home for college seven (!) years ago, I've never stayed in one place longer than a year. (And usually, it was only about 9 or 10 months.) I believe the family was especially excited about this as they don't have to help me move! To understand why I feel such an abounding relief about this, a list I am calling All My Moves:

  • Florida - January 1984 to 1986ish?
  • Wilmington - 1986ish to 1989
  • Goldsboro (Home) - July 1989 to ?
  • Craige (CH) - August 02 to May 03
  • Home - May 03 to August 03
  • Craige (CH) - August 03 to January 04
  • Cobb (CH) - January 04 to May 04
  • *moved everything home for a week*
  • TH Apartments (CH) - May 04 to July 04
  • Home - August 04
  • McIver (CH) - August 04 to May 05
  • *moved half of stuff home and half to house*
  • *school and travel in London and Europe - May 05 to July 05*
  • 607 H'borough (CH) - July 05 to May 06
  • SH Apartments (CH) - May 06 to July 06
  • Home - August 06
  • London - September 06 to March 07
  • Home - March 07 to August 07
  • Arlington - September 07 to August 08
  • D.C. - August 08 to present
I need to remember this list the next time I start to feel antsy and restless. Sometimes all I want is to settle down and find a place to make my own home. And sometimes I just want to keep going and going. Which is what they said in Jersey Boys: "Like that bunny on tv with the battery, I just keep going and going and going. Chasing the music; trying to get home."

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  1. Aw you should of stayed in Arlington- it's the shit!



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