Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today I...

  • Ate Mexican food in a park
  • Swung on swings
  • Played on a winning tug of war team
  • Ate cupcakes
  • Balanced an egg on a spoon in a relay (our team came in second)
I wasn't fired, I wasn't partaking in some "funemployment" -- just my company's summer picnic. It was a nice afternoon.

(And then I came home and maybe because of the cupcakes and the soda and a brownie, laid in bed nauseous and out of sorts.)

Now it's just working for the weekend and then a little more working and then vacation in one week!

(Picture not related, just going through my computer files.)

Venice, June 2005

1 comment:

  1. Hot dang at least your company picnic wasn't like Michael Scott's...



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