Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Soapbox

The Roman Polanski arrest has been dominating the headlines this week. (At least the headlines I read.) And I really just can't take it anymore. People who defend his actions under the guise of his talent, age, or history, are making my stomach churn.

You aren't above the law simply because you make films for a living. Believing that his position in society excuses him from his actions creates a dangerous rape culture where you trivialize the plight of the victim as you idolize the perpetrator. And any attempts to brush aside his actions because they happened so long ago are offensive to women who have suffered similar pain and who can spend a lifetime getting over it.

I know the victim just wants to put this behind her, and she deserves to have her voice heard more than anyone, but justice is not up to an individual, and the final decision has to be made by the system. A system that he ran from, by the way.

The bottom line, as I see it:
  • He drugged and raped a CHILD.
  • He fled the country instead of facing the consequences.
  • He broke the law in a heinous way and deserves to pay.

End of story.

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