Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"It's exciting to find your way anywhere in DC. Why would you have four H streets?" (Jon Stewart)

Last Saturday night I crossed half an item off my Bucket List: I saw Jon Stewart perform live. (The full item is to see a taping of The Daily Show.)

I have been watching his show since high school and have now hung on his every wonderfully sarcastic word for nearly ten years. His show is what got me through the Bush years. (That, and my acquired talent of throwing things at the television.) And now, though things have changed, it's still my favorite way to end the day and still the best prevention against object-throwing. (Yes, I still throw things, but a lot less often now.)

I just really can't say enough about how much I admire what he does or how intelligent and on-the-spot I find his satire to be. It was hyper-political, sarcastic, funny, and biting. Just the way it should be.

A few favorite jokes, that I could remember:
On birthers:
"What is wrong with people?...We as a society can no longer agree on what reality is."

On gay marriage, courtesy of Politico article:
"What is our problem? It has nothing to do with anybody. 'Because that would force us to accept them.' Yeah, you wanna know what? Go fuck yourself. Too bad! 'But we have to hear both sides of view.' No you don't. They're not equal. One's wrong."

On Socialist accusations:
"It's the same shit as before. It's not tyranny, you're just in the minority."

On Catholicism vs. Judaism:
"You have Lent, we have Yom Kippur. You have 40 days, we have one. You're still shopping retail!" (paraphrased)

It truly was an amazing night and well worth the wait. I know I'm leaving out tons of good stuff but each minute was better than the last so it's hard to recall it all.

Even though we weren't supposed to take pictures, I did manage to take this gem with my phone at the end. It's him, trust me.

Local media coverage:
Politico: Mr. Stewart comes to Washington
GW Hatchet: Jon Stewart caters to Colonial crowd

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