Monday, March 07, 2011

(Mis)Adventures in Cooking

On Sunday I woke up early (for me) to a very wet and gray day. After a few episodes of "The Office" and a little bit of "This Week," it was off to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for the day's projects. Of the cooking variety.

First up was some guacamole. I've only realized in the past year my like for guacamole, so long as it's fresh and chunky. I looked up online how to cut an avocado and also several different recipes, but ended up just throwing it together. That's right, I threw something together. Mark the date. Two avocados, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a little sea salt, a little garlic powder, and a bit too much lime juice, and this is what I was left with. (I still have a bit of a hangup about how green it is, thus the addition of the tomatoes to trick my mind a little bit.)  

It was the perfect lunch and accompaniment to some DVRed "Saturday Night Live." Then, after a little relaxation and two episodes of "Gilmore Girls" on SoapNet, I started on my next dish, carrot cake muffins courtesy of a recipe in the New York Times.

I took this before picture of the batter in case they turned out so amazingly well that there were doubts as to if I actually made them.

There really was no need for the proof. 

But, even if they look like mud, the taste is all that matters. Except, they actually taste kind of blah. No idea why. They smell amazing and I followed the recipe exactly. Well, except for using the brown sugar I had instead of the "turbinado" kind. Could that have been the key? Or the nutmeg from a bottle instead of "freshly ground?" Maybe I'm just not refined enough to use recipes from the Times.

I did, however, manage to still eat three of them during the "Indiana Jones" marathon on USA. One for each movie watched.

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