Thursday, September 22, 2011

Four Years

September is a very anniversary-heavy month apparently as today marks four years of my living in D.C. I truly don't know where the years have gone. And my hands get clammy and I lose feeling in my face because this is the same amount of time I was in college and I just haven't done enough!

I don't have anything profound or even reflective to say but just wanted to acknowledge the day somehow. So this is me. Acknowledging the day. It was also acknowledged in the form of a cupcake from my friend, Gloria, who insisted on buying me this red velvet one from Lavender Moon. I could handle four more years of these.

Now for a few random pictures from four years ago that were never blogged. First, and this should be embarrassing but isn't, a couple shots of my room from home in the middle of the packing madness. It's weird to look at these because though it was my room for nearly 20 years, and it still is really, I barely remember it looking like this.

From the dinner at a now-closed Italian restaurant on my last night. It was the best worst dinner of my life. A waiter that was the bartender because all the other waiters quit. Mike having to order three times because they kept running out of what he ordered. Mom declaring that her "lasagna doesn't have any meat" before realizing she was eating my manicotti. Hmm, perhaps this is why they closed?

Me a few weeks after moving up, outside a fountain in front of the Capitol.

And for comparison, a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania.

I don't know where I'll be in four more years but I can promise there will be a white shirt involved. And cupcakes, too, of course.

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