Friday, September 09, 2011

Things I Should Stop Buying: Flats

I previously wrote about my cardigan problem. (Which I have not stopped buying, by the way.) Now let me introduce my flats problem.

That's 7 pairs of black flats and 12 pairs of other flats. At this point, it qualifies as an addiction. But an addiction that came about for a few good reasons because I:
  1. Like them.
  2. Can't walk in heels.
  3. Need to make up for lost time. When Sam & Libby flats were all the rage in the early 90s, my high arches prevented me from wearing them. The effects of not being able to wear what I wanted, when I wanted, still linger. (Though Mom did eventually find me a pair that worked. But they weren't Sam & Libby and the actual name escapes me as Daddy always called them Fred & Barney.)
So, really, blame my childhood and genetics (height, poor balance, high arches) on the fact that at 27 I now own almost 20 pairs of the same kind of shoes.

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