Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Should Stop Buying: Belts

A few weeks ago, my roommate mentioned she needed a belt to wear with a new dress. I have a few and told her she could see if any would work. She said that would be good since she only has two belts. Cue the sound of a record scratching. Because I have...more than two belts. A lot more than two.

Like, 33. But, the thing is, unlike the cardigans and flats, I will probably not stop buying them. They are all very different and serve different purposes. Some are better in spring/summer and some in winter/fall. Some are skinny and some are wide. Some go around my stomach and some go around my waist. Some keep my pants from falling down and some prevent me from looking like a boy since most tops are too big on account of my barely-there chest. All are most definitely necessary. And now I need to go donate to charity because I'm feeling a wee bit excessive.

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