Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday Rewind Part 1: Decorations

February is right around the corner which means it's probably time for me to post my recap of the holidays. First on the docket is the subject of decorations, starting with my apartment Christmas tree. (Confession: I took this photo about five minutes ago because yes, my decorations are still up. It's my birthday month and I'll do what I want.)

Next, the National Christmas Tree. Every year I like to swing by the Tree and the Willard Hotel to see their decorations. Unfortunately, the National Tree was uprooted last year during a windstorm and replaced with this sad little thing.

I'm sure it will be taller and grander and Nationaler next year. I hope.

This year my work had an office decorating contest. I had no desire to participate and thought we'd just throw a bow on the door and call it a day. But then one officemate had some great ideas, the other officemate got supplies, and before I knew it I was wrapping everything on our walls, cleaning spray snow off a window with a q tip, and folding paper stars. One or more of us may have even uttered the phrase "we're decorating the shit out of Christmas." As a result, may I present the third place winners.

We've taken down everything but the hanging paper bits from the ceiling. Partly because we're all too lazy to take them down. But mainly because they just make us smile.

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