Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 4

Last one and it's the piece de resistance: The Barbies. Mind you, only a miniscule portion of The Barbies because I have many, many, many. (And yes, "have" in the present tense as they are all safely tucked away at home, waiting for...something.) These are all my collector ones, the vintage re-issues, and some others that have special meaning. They make me smile every time I go home because they were such an integral part of my childhood. And also, even now in adulthood, as I have nearly 20 Barbie ornaments and may or may not receive a "Barbie Collector" catalog in the mail.

(How I remember this I'll never know, but the bracelet around the beam in the center is from Ron Jon surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida, circa first or second grade. It's probably been in the same place since about that time, too. Creature of habit, I am.)

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