Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ode to Post-it Notes

I have storyboards for a course I'm writing due by noon on Thursday. What does this mean? Well, it means that until that time, I'm eating, sleeping, and story boarding. That's it. Fine, and I'm blogging this one little thing. (Because I started this on the metro when I couldn't do my work because it was too hard to write during a certain stretch of track.)

As my brain is absolute mush but I needed a break, I'm going to write a post about post-it notes. Please try and contain your excitement.

I'm really serious about my post it notes. As in I can use the brand name because I refuse to buy just "sticky notes." As in I bring my own multi-colored ones to work because my office only stocks the yellow ones. As in the photographic proof that follows.

The first photo contains my permanent notes with illuminating information such as "how to print on letterhead" and "keyboard short cut for m dash." The ones under my monitor are more project specific. And the ones on my laptop have to be dealt with that day. Or, in many cases, moved around for days or weeks like the "gap" one in the corner.

This morning, like most mornings, I spilled tea on myself. But it also got on a few of my post-its and I had to re-write some. My boss was there and, amused by my reaction, added this one to my collection.

Best post-it ever. (Even though I was too busy to follow it. Sorry, Mom! But I did email!)

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  1. Oh my gosh - we have the same post it note system. Do you scotch tape post it notes to your purse for things to do at home? I do!
    I can't live with out them. !!! But back to the system - I do exactly the same thing. As far as HOT notes are right in front of me on my laptop (which is under my docking station but above the keyboard. I even know what color paper a particular note I wrote months ago is on!!!! Sorry to pass on such an 'untidy' system but it works (for me) !!!! I love you and don't forget to call your mom! Thanks EDNA! I guess that's who left that note



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