Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who wants 9 innings when you can have 13?

On Friday night, I accompanied Brandie to the Nats v. Reds baseball game, tickets courtesy of her work. My work also has tickets, but on the lower level of the 3rd baseline. Her tickets were also on 3rd baseline, but one level up and on the first row. This meant we got cushy seats with a separate concession (and bar) area for that level. (Because obviously we can't be mingling with just anyone.) I hate baseball but love eating ballpark food, drinking, and hanging out with a good friend.

It was a beautiful night with clear skies and a nice breeze.

My absolute favorite part of the game is the Presidents' Race. However, I feel a bit robbed since they had them racing on Segways for this game. So not fair and so not the same.

My main dislike of baseball is that the games are too long. I've spent years convincing my brother -- the most diehard baseball fan I know -- that all you really need is 5 innings. And he doesn't completely disagree with me. So when this game was tied 1-1 and went into extra innings, I wasn't exactly thrilled. But I was committed to sticking it out to the finish. Or to the 12th inning when we realized it could take awhile and then we left. Then apparently, probably about the time I entered the metro, the Nats scored in the 13th and it was done.

But it was a fun night nonetheless. Though I do hope basketball season gets here soon.

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  1. yes, it's just not the same Presidents Race on a segway. It is so much fun waiting to see which one topples over first. We are going to Mudcats game Saturday night. IT IS SPX NIGHT!!!! They are going to feed us too! Me, Michelle, Joey, Melissa, Mike, Jordan and McKinley. Hope it doesn't rain. Hope there are not extra innings either. Love MOM



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