Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Words

"Things seem so random all of a sudden.
And time feels like it's speeding up."
-Mad Men, Signal 30

I'm so happy that Mad Men is back in my life. I was going to write about how much I love this show, but then realized that I already did, so I'll just copy and paste.

I've been watching Mad Men since the beginning and simply cannot get enough. It has turned me from someone who used to just watch an episode and be done with it, to someone who now must watch the show, read commentary online, discuss with my mom, and then ponder all of its meanings until the next episode, when the cycle starts again.

Quite simply: it's the smartest show on television. The characters have amazing depth with multiple layers to each action and word. But yet, the events of the time period and the popular culture, things completely out of their control, shape the lives of the characters more so than any action or word. But even when the audience knows what's coming, a political front or social dilemma, we still have no idea what is really coming, and how it's going to affect the characters we love.

I just want everyone in the world to watch it so I can talk about it even more.

Thankfully, the one good thing about the 17-month hiatus was that it gave at least five people in my life the time to catch up, so now I have tons of people to discuss it with. Which is good since it is so so good.

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