Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Week

I feel so behind on blogging my life. And you know my belief: If I didn't blog it, it didn't happen. But until work calms down and stops sapping all my energy, creative and otherwise, the blog will suffer. And now for some really random tidbits from the last week.

The roommate brought me this sticker from her recent trip home. It's now hanging in my office.

The roommate also left me this note. If I want to be sure to take something in the morning, I'll leave a note on the door. A few weeks ago after doing so, I dreamed that K left a note for herself that said "take overalls." I told her this hilarious dream because, no offense to anyone, but we just aren't overalls-type of ladies. This note was a good start to the day.

My PM was out for a week so I was left to handle a lot of project work on my own. As a thank you, she brought me this huge block of chocolate and peanut butter fudge. It's amazing.

My cousin's wedding is next weekend and I don't really have a good non-black dress. And as much as I loved this one, with the tightness, shortness, and low backness, it's hardly wedding appropriate. I did, however, manage to score a $125 Banana Republic dress for $23 at a consignment store later in the week. (That had some weird twisty fabric bits going on that three of my co-workers were able to fix for me while I was on a call.)

The most bittersweet part of the week was saying goodbye to my friend and co-worker, Gloria. I was in charge of the bon voyage party which meant balloons, cupcakes, stripes, champagne, and bright colors.
I miss her tons already but know she's in for quite an adventure.

Finally, it's no secret that I'm quite the grammar nazi. (Though you can find any number of errors in any of my posts because sometimes I just don't care.) But as punishment, I'm sure, for all the times I correct them, my family loves to comment on any errors they find.

Daddy left me a comment last week about a mistake in this post, and then followed up in an email: I left a comment on the last log you wrote. Don't worry, Daddy, I'll be more careful on the next log I write.

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