Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things I Learned This (Last) Weekend

This is a long one. But since it took me so long to get it up here, I think that should be ok.

I really should join a country club.
They're just so pretty.

Nothing is better than a day off from work with mimosas and family.
Especially when you add in the amazing food, location, company, laughs, craziness, etc.

Slightly better than mimosas with family: Lounging on a piano.
Yep, this happened. Cross it off the list.

My aunts and mom throw a great luncheon.
Something I already learned, but worth repeating.

It is possible to spend less than 10 minutes in Ikea.
When all you have to get is a wedding centerpiece. (But it's not very fun.)

Little cousins make the best trampoline jumping companions.
"Tell Bonnie to meet me on the trampoline." (Mason)
Gosh, I love trampolines. And my little cousins.

Shopping at Belk during the back-to-school sales can yield some amazing deals.
A $50 Fossil wallet for $12? Yes, please!

Sitting on legs for half an hour while transporting wedding soup is more than worth it.
Not that there was ever any question that there is anything I wouldn't do for wedding soup.

My family throws one heck of a beautiful wedding.
And my cousin makes a beautiful and happy bride.

I suck at cornhole.
And the 7-year-old cousin took great pleasure in beating me. As he should.

Every wedding, no every day, should have a photo booth.
Yes, I went through 4 times. No, that was not the record. (coughgraycough)

If you start dancing (to the truly horrible "Single Ladies") during the bouquet toss, you will "lose focus" and have lots of family members (fake) yelling at you.
To be fair, I did lose focus. And also to be fair, it's not my fault a darn 10-year-old caught it.

It's a miracle anyone in my family ever gets married. In 7 steps.
1. Young man asks cousin how old I am. She tells him I wouldn't be interested.
2. Aunt 1 asks young man to ask me to dance. (I may have also played a role in this.)
3. Whilst dancing with young man, Aunt 1 comes and takes our picture. (To be fair, she was the wedding photographer.)
4. Whilst dancing, Aunt 2 comes and takes our drink because Mom said we looked awkward.
5. Whilst dancing, Uncle comes and threatens young man.
6. Still whilst dancing, cousin's new husband threatens young man. With some sort of army knife. (To be fair, he is in the military.)
7. Still whilst dancing, I warn young man that the people gathered in the back are all my family and that they're all watching. Closely.
But I also re-learned that my family is hilarious and it's nice to have people looking out for me. For now.

Sonic claims they stay open until 1 a.m., but I believe they sense when tipsy ladies pull in and turn off their lights.
Not that this happened to me or any family member I know.

If you're going to drink too much, it's nice to have a mom and aunts to help you. And laugh at you.
Again, not that this happened to anyone I know.

Fire ants are straight from hell.
Again, something I knew before but just had it driven home yet again. Whilst running around the grounds barefoot, I got bit. It really, really sucks. (They didn't start hurting until the next day but wow, once they did, I had to work from home for two days because the itching made sleep and shoes nearly impossible.)

Airplanes sometimes suck.
I have had many issues on flights over the years with the air pressure messing with my head so I get all foggy and then feel like I'm going to pass out or vomit. This happened coming home, which combined with a slight hangover and the solid half hour of turbulence, meant I nearly cried once we landed. And spent the rest of Sunday trying to regain my equilibrium.

I love my family more than anything. (ALL my family, even though pictures below are just immediate.)
Again, I learned this years ago, but it's worth repeating. Again and again.

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  1. I really want to teach you how to throw a cornhole bag!! That picture was a disgrace to the game!! hahaha. maybe Grey can help me. Loved all this it was too funny!! Love you, Eva



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