Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

Introducing a friend to the wonders of Old Town's La Tasca is a great start to the weekend.
As does the sangria, too, of course. Brandie, who now works in Alexandria, met me for a happy hour on Friday and I got to introduce her to my favorite HH locale.

No, seriously, I love a Saturday by the pool.
Have I mentioned this enough this summer? My 4 hours there on Saturday spent caught up in a great book (see below) and the funky tan line of my bathing suit ties prove it.

Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket put on a damn good show.
I went to Merriweather Post Pavilion on Saturday with some friends, old and new, to see this concert. While I only have 2 songs by BOH and 1 song by MMJ, it was a great show and I will be expanding my catalog of their music soon.

A hot dog and a glass of wine can cost as much as the GDP of a small country.
Plus french fries, a margarita, and another glass of wine. But they all were good.

Two great bands, especially when they're playing "Rock the Casbah," make my ears ringing for hours worth it.
Next time, I might have to wear ear plugs. It's just so loud!

My hair is a better dancer than I am.
On the way home, Shana and I wanted pictures of us dancing. While she's cute in all hers, mine are just all hair.

The book "Gone Girl" is completely worth the hype.
And a great way to spend a Saturday by the pool in the sun and a Sunday on the couch while it rains.

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