Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

This week was the week to get back into blogging every day and to write about my beach vacation and the dozen other things I haven't written about. This week was the week to go to bed at a decent hour, go to the grocery store, eat at home every night, and keep my room clean.

Or not.

This week was the week for three meetings, none of which started on time and one that had both the location and time changed at the last minute. This week was the week for early mornings, long work days, and not enough sleep. This week was the week of sending more emails, logging more client comments, and answering more questions than I can count.

It was also the week of having to dress like a grown up not once, not twice, but three whole times! Since I so rarely have to dress professionally, and have so much trouble when I do, I documented them for future reference. (Yes, my hair is shorter in the second photo. Despite last year's butchering, I went and got a cheap haircut again last week and she cut too much. However, it really did need it.) (Yes, those are seersucker pants in the last photo. I love them.)

Now, this weekend is the weekend I get more sleep, clean, go to the movies, read, and lie by the pool. No "or not" allowed.

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