Monday, August 06, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

You can get a lot done if you don't watch the Olympics.
Since I can't get NBC in my room, the cleaning of said room has been severely neglected. So instead of watching Olympics in the living room, I put in "Gone With the Wind" and cleaned and organized my room. This included finally hanging my peg boards turned necklace hangers. I don't love them but they'll do for now.

But when watching the Olympics, make sure it's to see Michael Phelps.
I managed to see him swim his last two races on Friday and Saturday night. Rio just won't be the same.

If you put lotion on and then walk many blocks in very hot heat, you will sweat slime.
I hate sweat. Hate it like I hate Duke and mayonnaise. It turns out, tangerine-scented sweat is no better, especially when it makes you feel like you're covered in slime.

Even something as neat as a theatre yard sale can't beat the heat or compare to frozen yogurt.
The reason I had to walk many blocks in very hot heat was to stop by the yard sale with the roomie that a theatre was holding. It was interesting to see what they had out, but neither of us bought anything. Instead we high tailed it to a yogurt shop to cool down.

Spending three hours at Ikea with a friend makes for a great Saturday afternoon.
And also an expensive one. But I really did need a new hamper and light bulbs! (I probably didn't need the sheets, though.) I went to the College Park Ikea with my friend Gloria and we spent quite awhile wondering up and down the aisles, debating our purchases, and filling up our cart.

If you miss your plans to go to a movie due to oversleeping, it's nice to have the gold medal tennis match to make up for it.
I haven't seen any movies this summer and planned on seeing a 10 a.m. showing of Spiderman. But I turned my alarm off and went back to sleep, until my mom called to tell me to watch Murray beating Federer. Which I did. So even though I missed the man be a spider, I finally got to see a Brit win at Wimbledon.

I don't know what I'm going to do when my apartment pool closes.
On Sunday I of course spent several hours at the pool reading and then floating. Sadly, like all pools around here, mine will close Labor Day weekend, even though it will still be hot for at least another month, and I'm really going to miss what it does for my mental state.

The worst way to end a Sunday is by setting your alarm.
Especially when, thanks to a client meeting, your alarm is set to this:

Yes, that's two alarms for 6 a.m. I didn't want to take any chances.

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