Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day 190: Hello, Lodz

Not letting my lack of funds or vacation time stop me from travelling this summer, I pulled out the old* atlas and opened to a random page, closed my eyes and pointed, and decided to look up plane tickets to said destination. (Just for fun, of course.)

The first two times I landed on pages on space. I don't know even where to begin to look up plane tickets for this. (But if only I could.)
The third time I got Lodz, Poland. Hardly the exotic, unheard of locale I was aiming for, but it will do. (Though I will have to do more research on it as all I can remember comes from my History of the Holocaust class.)
Leaving in November, clearly the only time worth going, I could get a return ticket to Warsaw through Swiss Air for just $1052. (Really not too bad, I think.) From there it would be just a nice bus or train ride to Lodz, Poland's second largest city.

This would be far more interesting if I blindly picked a random city and just went there. Maybe one day. But at least I have options, thanks Lodz.

*Atlas is literally old, from the 1960s, from Poppy's house. I just realized it still has West and East Germany on it. Off to check out how Africa looks. I love old maps.


  1. Why couldn't your finger land on Fiji, or some where exotic. Why Poland....

  2. Poland could be exciting. Their sausage is quite spicy, after all.



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