Sunday, February 06, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 1: Holiday Happenings

I've been in a blogging rut lately due to the fact that I never wrote about the holidays. It hovers over me all the time like a dementor, but instead of it sucking my soul, it's sucking my ability to write. Every time I select "new post," intending to write about my weekend or a funny thing that happened, all I can think is: cupcakesbasketballchristmasbirthdayhomesnowcupcakesbasketballchristmasbirthdayhomesnow. Over and over again until I get panic attacky and exit out of blogger immediately.

But while watching a little "Toy Story," a little "Saturday Night Live," and some DVRed "This Week," I got inspired and thus present Holiday Rewind, part 1 of...6. Sorry, it was a busy month.

Hard to believe, but this was my fourth Christmas season in the city and its environs. As usual, I tried to pack in as many fun holiday happenings as I could. This gets more and more difficult, however, as every year I get colder, older, and lazier. But I still tried.

Free music at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel with some friends and then dinner:

Twinkling lights on King Street:

And twinkling stars at Target:

Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Portrait Gallery with Mom and Melissa:

Poster of my favorite Christmas movie:

Also with Mom and Melissa, visit to National Harbor to visit the Gaylord Hotel and its holiday decorations:

And the National Harbor tree:

And the Peeps store:

Next: Christmas in NC.

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