Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)

Sweater vest: Gap Outlet
Dress shirt: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelet: Toots and Magoo
Necklace: Can't remember
Watch: Fossil

I feel like this picture has a bit of a My Space, teenage, emo kid vibe to it, but it's my only option right now.

This sweater vest was acquired over the weekend, for free, thanks to a buy one, get one free deal at the outlet. And I was very excited to wear it today because I love love sweater vests. A friend and I are working on a book called "101 Ways to Wear a Sweater Vest." Find me a man in a sweater vest with a British accent, and I'd be set for life.

What this picture doesn't show:
1.Burned leg: I've been really stressed about it and even dreamed about it twice, so I caved and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Doctors scare me and I am really nervous, but I know it's the smart thing to do. If they try to give me a shot, however, I apologize for what will transpire and for what you will inevitably hear about on the news.

2. Sore throat and stuffy nose: My body is ganging up on me. I'm really, really hoping it's allergies, because I've heard a few people having trouble with them. I can't get sick. I just can't. I am so pathetic when I'm sick it's unreal.

3. My shoes' inability to stay on my feet: Lost a shoe in the crosswalk today, for the fourth time in my life. Getting old really fast.

4. How amazingly gorgeous it was today: 70 on Monday, 50s yesterday, 60s today, and 60s/70s Thursday and Friday. Hurry, Spring, hurry!

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