Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 4: Cupcakes

My sister decided she wanted to get into making cupcakes, so for Christmas I gave her a few recipe books and various cupcakes-related paraphernalia. I spent a few days with her after Christmas and we decided to make a batch. She let me pick the kind and I went with the understated and healthfood-like s'mores cupcake.

We mixed up the batter and put a marshmallow in the center of each before baking.

But after baking, the majority had collapsed due to the weight of the marshmallow. So we decided to turn our s'mores cupcakes into S'mores Surprise! cupcakes. In other words, I crumbled up some graham crackers to fill in the hole. Just like any good carpenter, I mean baker, would do.

Next was the frosting, made from scratch.

And then on to the decorations. A bit of Hershey bar, a bit of graham cracker, and a bit of marshmallow.

And each bit of marshmallow was hand-roasted by Melissa and her creme brulee torch. (After some trial and error which included roasting the 'mallow on the cupcake, which then melted the cupcake. Then trial of error of setting the 'mallow on the pan, which then stuck to pan. Then finally Melissa perfected the mini-mallow roasting with the aid of a toothpick.)

And voila, a Melissa and Bonnie S'mores Surprise! cupcake. (Patent pending.)

We don't think we'll be opening our own bakery anytime soon, but they were GOOD. And really not as rich as they look as the frosting was very understated. But then again, I am a known chocaholic.

Next time: 27!

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