Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 5: You Say It's Your Birthday

As usual, the first day of a new year is always my favorite day of the year. Not because of resolutions, or black eyed peas, or any of that fresh new start business, but because it's my birthday! I turned 27 the first day of 2011, which is a little too close to 30 for my liking, but until I figure out how to change it, that's what I am. This year I managed to turn my birthday celebration into a FOUR DAY AFFAIR. How did I manage that?

Day 1: Thursday, January 30
Due to some scheduling conflicts, we had to have my family birthday dinner on the Thursday before my actual birthday. We started with some British-style poppers purchased at Target. I had Joey help me with mine because I was afraid of the noise.

We all got different little cute prizes and of course crowns, which we wore proudly.

Some, more proudly than others.

Then we went to a new place downtown, which was very nice. It even had a real London phone booth.

But this is still North Carolina, where we really love our basketball, so there was one of these, too.

I tried my first shrimp and grits, though it was more like shrimp and polenta, but still very tasty.

And we all just ate, talked, and had a good time. I also had wine, which meant I had a very good time.

And after it was all done, we watched the last half of an AMAZING Carolina bowl game.

Day 2: Friday, January 31
On Friday I had the place to myself. I spent the entire day on the couch, in my pajamas, watching movies. My hair didn't even get brushed until dinner time.

And then the last hours of 2010 were spent comforting this little Dimples girl, who was completely terrified of the neighborhood fireworks, yet again.

Day 3: Saturday, January 1
MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!  Another fairly lazy day at home, though I did change my clothes, brush my hair, and even put on some makeup. It was just me, the parents, and the dogs, which was really nice. I did manage to accomplish something, however. Thanks to BBC America's "Who Year's Marathon," I finally got to watch the latest season of "Doctor Who." Hooray!

Later that night it was gift time. Perfectly coordinated, as usual, thanks to Mom.

And then another little girl, Peanut, tried to steal my thunder.

It's a good thing she's so precious.

We ended the day with some cake. Now, I've been telling Mom since I turned 21 that I didn't think it was necessary to include a candle for EVERY year plus one to grow on. This year, after her and Daddy went through about five matches and a burnt hand each, I expect next year to have significantly fewer flames.

Day 4: Sunday, January 2
The last day of my birthday celebration occurred in my favorite place on earth, Chapel Hill. More on that tomorrow for the final installment of Holiday Rewind.

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