Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 3: Who's dreaming of a white Christmas?

I've tried many times in the past year to break up with snow. Once a friend that came so rarely and so gently, he was welcomed with open arms. Then, as time went on, he just wouldn't go away. A sudden drop-in here, an extended trip there, but still kind of nice to see. Until his presence escalated. Suddenly, he was sticking around for days and days. He worked himself into a frenzy and shut down a city for nearly a week. He nearly drove me crazy. But then, slowly but surely, he went away. The sun came out again and it was good.

But then it happened. He returned a week before Christmas to DC/Alexandria:

And then, he followed me home to NC, and brought this the day after Christmas, in the front yard:

And in the backyard, too:

Then I was reminded of what snow looks like in the country, with no buildings to block the view:

And then our house was made beautiful and perfect. And I spent the day with my parents in the cozy comforts of our living room. The the dogs rolled around in the soft flakes of our almost-white Christmas. .

Damn that tricky, sneaky, beautiful snow.

Next time: Cupcakes!

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