Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 136: Vocabulary lesson

When I opened my iGoogle page tonite, I saw this word of the day:
I am always on the lookout for new words, and while I've read this one before, I've never known its exact definition. But I like it. A lot. And with a combination of a strange longing for water this week, and being on a slight chocolate and strawberries high, I wrote my own paean. Sugary sweet but it's a paean. Or maybe just a preamble to a paean. Oh well, to me it's a paean. (And now I've hit a record for repeating the same word in a post.)

One day I shall live by the shore and write a paean to the sea. To sand between the toes and saltwater in the hair. To sticky sunblock on the pages of a taffy-colored book only read in the sun. To waves crashing behind the eyes of sleeping sun bathers on plush pink towels. A paean to the sea, I shall write.

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