Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 140: "Life, London, this moment in June." (Virginia Woolf)

My walk to work through Old Town Alexandria is full of material temptations. Food, drink, clothes, jewelery, books, etc. All of which I am a fan of, but none more so than books. Though fan isn't really the correct word, more like addict. I have an addiction to books. Which is only increased when it comes to cheap books, or used books, of which there is a lovely store right in Alexandria, on the same side of the street that my twice-daily commute takes me down. Today I was lured in by a large "SALE" sign in the window, and left 30 minutes later, $22 poorer, but four books richer, including my first ever book by Virginia Woolf.
I have, sadly, not read as many of the classics as I should, but in my quest both for knowledge and better writing skills, I am trying to change that. Starting with this slim volume by Ms. Woolf on one of my favorite subjects: London.

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