Sunday, February 01, 2009

Death to Starbucks!

Conversation I had with the barista at the Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble today.

Me: A grande caramel apple cider, please.
Barista: We don't have those anymore, it's seasonal.
Me:'s still winter.
Barista: Yeah...but...
Me: Fine, I'll have tea.
Barista: Iced or hot?
Me: You have iced tea but not apple cider?!
Barista: Umm...yeah...

This is unacceptable. They never take it off the menu this early. There are only two things I drink at Starbucks, this and iced tea, usually the timing is perfect. I refuse to accept this. I will continue to ask for my drink at every Starbucks in Washington until I get my caramel apple cider!

And, also, they have hot coffee all year, why can't they have hot apple cider? It's not like apple juice is seasonal, and that's all it is.

I'm writing a letter to them, too. I have a lot of letters to write, actually. Them, Sarah Palin, the National History Museum, Bojangles, and a few others I'll think of later.


  1. This is b/c Starbucks in bookstores aren't real. Kind of like Starbucks in Safeways...really, that even sounds silly.

  2. Bonnie,
    You need to write that letter. That is the only thing I will drink there too. I am going to have to see if ours is still selling them. This is an outrage!!!!
    Aunt Traci



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