Thursday, February 26, 2009

How could I forget...

The most happiness-inducing thing right U2 album on Monday/Tuesday! (Press is saying Monday, but Amazon, where I pre-ordered it, is saying Tuesday.)
I like to think, that for the most part, I've grown more tolerant and respectful of other people's views. Except for those who don't like U2. Seriously, if you don't like them, fine, but I have no interest in hearing about it. Same goes for those who like Eminem and Duke. And milk, I will just never understand the appeal of milk. (The beverage, not the man or the movie.) so very happy about that. Even though I'm less than impressed with their first single, I don't think my boys would let me down.


  1. Don't like Milk? Well how about Harvey Milk?

  2. No no, milk the beverage, hate it. I like Harvey Milk and haven't seen Milk the film, which I think I'll like. :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You'll like it- I saw it in my flurry of Oscar Watch and it was amazing.

  5. Thank you for the picture comment! *blush*

    I was actually listening to U2's "Best of" album earlier today. What songs do you like most? I'd say mine are Sunday Bloody Sunday and With or Without You..... oh! and Pride and Walk On... there are too many to name!



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