Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Die, snow, die

I take it all back. I hate the snow. Or more specifically I hate:

  • When snow combines with rain and does not stick or accumulate in excess of three inches, but still makes the sidewalks slick. (If I can’t play in or eat it, I am not interested.)
  • When the snow-rain mixture seeps into my admittedly ill-advised choice of ballet flats, soaking the bottom of my jeans, said flats, and my socks, freezing them to my toes when I still have five blocks left to walk.

Thankfully I am on a street full of shops and Starbucks, and will take a brief break to buy some new socks and warm my frigid feet and heart.

Just once I’d like to realize my shoes are not waterproof before they are soaked. Previously my main criterion to purchasing shoes was that I be able to wiggle my toes. I am going to have to amend that and demand they survive a dunking in a swimming pool. That ought to make the shop assistants really happy.

I have about six posts in drafts, so I may be a bit blog happy this week.

1 comment:

  1. can you clarify?....did you have/do you have both frigid feet AND a frigid heart? that is so sad...

    also, because ballet dancers rarely dance in pools, we can assume their shoes would not repel water. look for zookeeper flats, firefighter flats, or coastguard flats next time.



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