Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Day

It's hard enough just to be happy! At my happiest, it only takes about four minutes and then I have to take a nap! (Lewis Black)

So true, Lewis. I don't consider myself a Debbie Downer, but I'm not exactly Mary Sunshine either. Happiness doesn't always come easy, and truth be told it can be exhausting. But since I am in a good mood and have been since yesterday, I feel I need to capture this moment while it lasts, which by my estimate, is only for another 3.2 hours.

1. First, did I mention that a week ago my beloved alma mater reigned supreme over college basketball in a game and moment that will lead me to spontaneously smile and hold my head high for the next year, if not longer? Ok, good, I did. (I also should mention that I am in love with the DTH's headline for the day after: "LEGACY FULFILLED." Except, if I were allowed to write it, despite what I was taught in my newspaper editing course at the previously mentioned beloved alma mater, my headline would have been "LEGACY FULFILLED, BITCH." With a subhead of "And by bitch, I mean Dick Vitale. And Coach K. And the heinous 2005 nat'l champ SI article." It's long but it really captures my point.)

2. Thanks to the beauty of presale, I just secured two lower-level side-of-stage seats at the U2 concert in Raleigh in October. Sing it with me now, "it's a beautiful day/don't let it get away/it's a beautiful day-ay-ay-ay."

3. Demetri Martin on Saturday night at Warner Theatre was wonderful. I laughed so hard my face got tingly and my abs hurt. I made the mistake of listening to his CD at work yesterday and kept having to cover my mouth to stifle the laughs. Whatever, totally awesome and worth it.

4. I successfully gave up pizza for Lent! And naturally, to make up for the lack of cheesy pepperoni goodness in my life for the past 40 days, I've been unnaturally gorging on it. Oops.

5. I finally had the money refunded from a cashier's check that was lost in the mail! Thanks to my bank, for while they are still woefully inadequate compared to the customer service in NC, I'll stick with them for a bit longer.

6. I've been on a project at work since the day I started, last February. I worked on other things too, but have been solely on the project since September. But yesterday, I finally started on a new one, with subject matter I am really, really interested in, and a chance for more writing and creativity than the parameters of the previous project allowed. Hooray! (And yes, I've already had one minor freak out at my desk, but only one for me this early is good.)

That's it for now. I'll be sure to update later when the mood is gone, presumably after I run into a pole, mess something up, or get uncomfortably hit on on the metro. (And I just realized that my excessively long run-on sentences and liberal use of commas here are probably why I've been getting so many style QC comments back on my work work, damn.)

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great day! Who needs sunshine when we got you!



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