Friday, April 03, 2009

Smartest Purchase Ever

Last week I bought my smartest purchase ever: black Wellies from Gap. (And they rang up as Wellies on the receipt, not rain boots, so it's not me being faux-British. Except that, like quite a few British words, their word is far superior to ours so I would call them that anyway.)

Mine look a lot like these, except with a hot pink lining. And yes, it does make a difference.
I should have bought a pair years ago. College would have been vastly different, and far drier, with a pair of these babies. I wore them yesterday to see the Cherry Blossoms, since the Tidal Basin was muddy and puddley and yucky. And I wore them today on my way to work in the torrential downpour. And I did not have to ring out my jeans, dry off my shoes with paper towels, or buy new socks. I was so happy about dry feet that I went and bought a the rain!

So thank you Gap, for having them in my size and on sale for $5. And thank you especially to the Duke of Wellington, for deciding it wasn't enough to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo or twice serve as Prime Minister. No, you would have dry feet as well.


  1. Yes Bonnie- it was a smart buy for today. But now it's all sunny and warm!

  2. Those were only $5.00?! Jeez, I wish they were that cheap in England! I could have used a pair this winter! Wearing Wellingtons pretty much makes it mandatory that you jump in puddles too :)



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