Thursday, April 09, 2009


All of the basketball excitement made me forget to post about the cherry blossom "excitement" of last week. (Sorry, the two just don't compare.) Last year I went at the end of the blooming period on a gray day. This year I went on the second day of the blooming period on a gray day. Pretty much the same. (Except this year I wasn't lazy and walked to see my man TJ, and around further up to FDR's park.)

Sadly, no sign of the CNN cam so my plot to propose to an anchor will have to wait until another day.
This would be so much better with a Carolina blue sky:Crossing bridge to get to TJ:
Love the shape of the branches. Would be better without the concrete barrier:Pagoda:
Attempting a self-portrait with blossoms in the background. Nine attempts later...
Some megatron pre-historic type bird creature thing showed up, meaning it was time for me to leave.


  1. If you had to propose to one- who would it be?

  2. Anderson, w/o a doubt. Even though he'd probably laugh at me on account of him more than likely batting for the other team. But then I'd just move on to Nic Roberts, Rob Marciano, Michael Ware, the list goes on and on.

  3. Aw I especially love the pic of the cherry blossoms with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. I think the big bird in the other picture is a grey heron :P



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