Thursday, April 23, 2009

By the age of 25...

"By the age of 25 she had survived the Nazis, almost starved to death, kissed Gregory Peck, met Givenchy, been scared as hell, won an Oscar, won a Tony, been engaged, been alone, grown up without her father, been discovered by William Wyler, charmed Colette, posed for a soap ad in London, and been on the cover of Time magazine. In short: she was not like us."
-Pamela Keogh re: Audrey Hepburn in What Would Audrey Do?

In short: I have a lot to do before I turn 26. (Minus the whole Nazis, starvation, absentee father stuff. No one wants that.)


  1. That was Audrey- you should measure success on your own terms!

    That's being said there's only one or two things I wanna do before I'm 26 this year. Being in a soap ad is not one of them.

  2. Ha, the author says pretty much the same sentence a paragraph down.

    I'd totally be ok with a soap ad though. I loved the Zest ones when I was a kid.



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